2021- the Kessler’s year

2021 – with Covid, lockdown, work and «online»-family life

-> Eveline still working in her Studio  – www.fit.ch
-> Pius with no more Radio-work, but part time teaching – www.mia.ch
And we both – home alone – did a lot of skiing, hiking, biking in Switzerland… having fun, and had also the chance to go to Crete (Greece) twice.

-> Malolo is in Winterthur (near Zurich) – with Tobias – and finishing her BA (social work) and also has a part time job …. and is planning to live in Portugal very soon. www.malolo.ch

—> Kim is still in New Zealand and Fiji – with Sargam – as a PhD Researcher at the University of Otago, New Zealand www.kim-kessler.com